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  • Convert your English
    into Power English

    You speak and write good but not mature?
    Learn and create a difference!

    (International English Language Testing System)

    Get assessed before exam and maximize your band score.Read more

  • Do You Speak Accurate English?

    Fix your broken English @ SINA School of English

  • Teach your tongue to speak English

    Learn naturally and instantly like a child Speak like an Orator

Why choose us ?

English language, most appropriately described as “Lingua Franca”, is inevitably a dominant language of the world.

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Our Procedure

The procedure at Sina School of English is simple but systematic and professional. For all certificate courses an entry test which consists

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The school does not merely focus on dry learning or traditional teaching methodology, it develops the ability;

  • To understand the real significance of English language and its role in our practical, academic and professional life.
  • To analyze one’s own need and deficiencies.
  • To explore one’s own potential and natural but hidden mental faculty of using from the store house of language already present in Human Brain as there exists an innate language acquisition device, a neural program that prepares us learn language or languages.

The School of English is the first language learning institute that shuns the traditional English language teaching methodology and enables learners to comprehend each situation where their expressions and style of expression can make a real difference and create a greater impact.

We help learners understand, first of all, difference between General Spoken or Written English and Standard Spoken or Written English as we believe that the process of language acquisition is like a building process that results from interaction with the environment. We focus on real and practical learning rather than accomplishing a timed-course.

Sina school of English is located ideally in Islamabad at I-8/4, the main road providing an easy access to the residents of both cities. Beautiful, congenial, friendly, practical and interactive environment best suited to all.


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